Across the U.S., sprayed fireproofing is required in a large number of commercial buildings to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire. The materials are intended to insulate the array of structural members during the event of a fire, significantly delaying any loss of the integrity of the structure.

exposed underside of steel floor or roof deck with utilities and spray-on fireproofing

For commercial and multi-family residential buildings, a fireproofing system provides excellent fire resistance to help prevent losses caused by fires. This state-of-the-art technology can save lives and prevent property loss.

2011 Building Fire Estimates

  • Residential building fires — Approximately 364,500 fires cause 2450 deaths, 13,900 injuries and over $6.6 billion in damage
  • Nonresidential building fires — Approximately 85,400 fires caused 80 deaths, 1100 injuries and over $2.4 billion in damage

Source: U.S. Fire Administration

A high quality fire protection system provides passive fire protection that makes your building safer and puts you and your tenants at ease. Our fireproofing team takes care to find the proper fireproofing technology for your specific application and building. We install it on time and to code so your project can continue without delay.

Please contact us about fireproofing options for your commercial or multi-family residential construction project.