Where to Insulate In a Home

There are five main locations that you
can insulate your house. Please select
the different places on the image to learn
more about the benefits and the main types
of insulation that goes in that location.
Please note that each house is different
so it is always recommended to
get a professional opinion by
scheduling an appointment.


As part of an overall insulation system, the crawl space plays an important role in maintaining the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Here are the most common options:


As much as 15% of the heat in a room can be lost through uninsulated ground floors. That is why floors that are over unheated areas, such as an unconditioned garage, should be insulated. Here are the most common options for floors:


Insulation in your walls is one of the best ways to reduce noise from carrying in your house and one of the least expensive ways to make your home energy efficient. Here are the most prevalent options for insulation:


A properly insulated basement can save you money and provide you with a comfortable living space. If you have an unfinished basement (e.g. you do not have framing), you can insulate the foundation. Your insulation choices:


Whether you live in a warm or cold weather climate, the attic is the most important place to insulate your home. It is also the place where you can put the highest R value insulations. You have three main choices: