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Welcome to the Spray Foam Applicator Recruiting page! USI offers Competitive Pay, Full Benefits, Full-Time work with Overtime available. Below you’ll find links to current job openings, a USI company background and more information about our spray foam insulation experience, capabilities, commitment to safety and quality best practices.

Current Spray Foam Applicator Job Openings:

USI Spray Foam Insulation Capabilities

Spray foam is the biggest innovation in the insulation industry since the introduction of fiberglass in the 1950s. This advancement in technology allows us to create more energy efficient and comfortable homes with lower R-value, cutting homeowners’ heating and cooling costs in half. USI is proud to provide next-generation building solutions. USI received the 2016 SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) Industry Excellence Award, was recently featured on a national television show for its commercial spray foam insulation capabilities, and has received local media coverage for many high profile construction jobs for which we’ve provided installed spray foam insulation. Additionally, USI regularly works to educate local builders, inspectors and architects about the benefits of spray foam insulation and ensures its trainers receive the industry’s best spray foam technician training. This type of continuous training helps USI provide high quality, current spray foam installer training on the various products, equipment and technology we use, while upholding our stringent safety standards and those of our suppliers.

USI Company Background

USI is one of the largest nationwide providers of installation, construction and distribution services to the residential and commercial construction markets. Nationwide, USI has over 1,900 employees and 46 locations across 14 states. Our entire installation process is designed to maximize safety, quality, and efficiency. Our local branches have extensive knowledge of building science and local energy codes, and the experience to provide the ideal insulation and air sealing solutions that meet code and achieve optimal comfort and energy savings.

Safety & Best Practices

Best practices for USI starts with performing installations in accordance with the USI Spray Foam Playbook, an 86-page document that covers a thorough understanding of building science and spray polyurethane foam insulation. It is a useful tool in our standardized USI spray foam technician training and certification program that every installer must go through and pass to qualify to be on the job site. USI standardized daily processes to ensure the crews have everything needed to perform their job in a safe, efficient and timely manner. These processes and lessons learned are shared with our branches across the nation, as are lessons learned on unique jobs.

USI follows standard safety procedures on all spray foam jobs. Special care is taken to ensure that when spraying outside of any structure that there are anchor points on which to fasten fall protection equipment. USI spray foam applicators have at a minimum completed CPI Health & Safety training, met OSHA requirements for safety and respirator programs, and have completed any necessary supplier applicator programs.

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Our Commitment to Employees

  • We know that true success requires personal and organizational responsibility to safety
  • The first priority of USI employees is to protect the health and welfare of themselves and others on our jobsites
  • USI sets high expectations for its employees to create a safe work environment
  • The following principles are fundamental expectations on our path to zero Injuries:
    • All injuries, occupational exposures and vehicle accidents are preventable
    • All operational exposures to hazards can be controlled
    • Management is accountable for safety performance
    • All employees/contractors are responsible for safety
    • Review, assessment and improvement are an ongoing part of our safety program

Quality Assurance Programs

USI requires periodic audits to be completed and kept on file for spray foam jobs. The National Spray Foam Team reviews these audits throughout the year. The audit covers everything from the loading of material and required equipment in the morning, and periodic documentation of the operating conditions experienced during the job to leaving the jobsite cleaner than it was when we arrived at the end of the day. USI uses some of the most advanced technology in the industry. At USI we have invested heavily into the best available equipment in the industry that ensures better processing of materials and allows management to monitor processing and progress from their desk or cell phone.

Reviews From Our Customers

The window installers were very professional and did an excellent job installing and insulating the new windows.  All material was neatly cleaned up and hauled away immediately.

Jerry, Salt Lake City

The quality was excellent. They had responded promptly when I contacted them initially and they had the best price that I found. I was very comfortable having them in my house.

Robert, Woodinville

Jay was extremely professional, friendly, and prompt.  He also made me feel at ease as a first time home buyer and was very detail oriented with the services I needed for the insulation in my attic. He really helped me understand the difference between laying insulation versus blowing insulation. I feel very thankful to have found Jay and I would highly recommend this company to anyone I know. In fact, I think next door neighbor is going to use their services as well.

Anne, Baltimore

I watched the whole 1.5 hour process and was impressed with the methodical and certain approach he took to get the door realigned left to right and top to bottom. Brad demonstrated attention to the little details.

Paul, Orlando